Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The 6th of January, 2014.

6am, 6th of January, 2014.

Thats it.  Pretty simple really.  Ready for when the majority of you will head back to work.  Maybe a week too late, but I don't care.  I need a holiday after all of this crap.

As the delivery dates of all of the toys start to be settled, I can say, with much excitement, that there isn't a whole lot that can hold this up.

I'm now hiring too!  Floor staff, barista, cooks, all rounders!  Email interest to danniesheriff@gmail.com and I'll give you some further details on the roles.

A huge thank you to all of the subbies who have fit me in before the Christmas period.  Scotty and Russell for the electrical work.  Mark for the plumbing.  It has been an incredibly stressful and challenging task, but you guys have been awesome.  I mean, none of it is even finished yet but I'm thanking you in advance because I know it will all be sweet as by the time I open *nervous laugh*.

Leisel and Charlie.  Thanks for Palomino Espresso in general and all the things it allowed me to learn in a very short period of time.  Truth is if you didn't sell the place on, I'd probably still be there with you enjoying my 6am starts.  It was the best job I've ever had and it really defines having a job that you love doing.  I don't miss ham and cheese croissant making though.  Fuck that.

Joe.  Oh my goodness, Joe.  Thank you for fitting my tiny cafe kitchen in to your huge multi-million dollar development jobs.  I am incredibly lucky to have had your help.  I have got to be one of the most annoying clients of all time.  You will make close to no money from doing this job.  I acknowledge this and I am eternally grateful.  Free coffees always.

Simon.  Thank you for chasing Joe for me and working with Silverchef so closely with me to make my tiny shop come through on time with the best possible result. Not sure such a small scale project has ever had the help of such professionals before in history.  It would be so great to meet you in person one day.

Stephen, my landlord, for being so helpful and supportive.  I really lucked out on this one and can actually say I'm keen for you to live above my shop.  Thanks for teaching me how to paint walls and for helping to pull out the floor.  Champ!

Emma.  Thanks in advance for your ongoing-forever-until-the-day-you-die help with book keeping and how not to get liquidated and stuff.  It will be a challenge getting you to do it all from Brisbane, but only you will be able to truly understand exactly how little I understand about accounting.  Sorry.

My friends Brett (technically my brother), Dave, Mark, Mickey, Jenna and Gemma for helping me with painting, picking up equipment, shopping, branding, sourcing suppliers, pricing stuff etc.  You guys are the best!

Jonathon.  My number 1A fan.  Over the last however many months of working on this project, I'm pretty proud to say I have only had about 3 mental breakdowns.  For each of those episodes you have been the only witness.  Thank you so much for understanding even when in reality it is impossible to really understand, for I am crazy.  Also thank you in advance for all the help you are about to give me when the shop finally opens.  Know that I probably never would have started this project without you hanging around my life.

Mum.  Mostly for keeping your cool.  When you are calm, we are all calm.  I stand back and wonder how you are doing this.  You are the devils advocate and you know it.  But some how, you have done nothing but been the most supportive person on my team.  Just the fact that you think I can do this all by myself means that I can probably can.

Daddy.  Look, you're all important.  But none of you will ever ever in your life live up to what my father has done.  I'm not even an only child, I'm one of three rotten children!  You wouldn't believe it.  All of the contractors I mentioned above really only did these jobs for me because I am the daughter of John Sheriff for starters.  The joinery, the floors, the tables and chairs.  Everything has been done by my Dad in his garage, perfectly to my exact wish.  Everything is just as I imagined it would be.  Almost every day after working on some construction site on the other side of Sydney, he would come home and work on something for my shop.  This project has made me the proudest in my life to say that I am that guys kid.  If Dad didn't do all of this, Short Black Panther would not exist.  A blog post can not contain my gratitude to what he has done.  I actually don't think that my mind has fully wrapped itself around the scale of what he has helped me to produce.  Thank you Dad.

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