Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Menu News!

First off, I posted some random ramble a couple weeks back about how scared I am about the fact that I am opening this shop.  I wasn't actually supposed to post that.  I was writing a note in a draft for use in a later post and accidentally published it.  I only noticed it today.  Shit.

Now on to the menu.  It has been finished.  A simple, generous breakfast and lunch menu on offer the day the doors open.  I'm very excited about it.  I've done a lot of research to come to the final product.  Since the menu will change seasonally, I look forward to having the help of my chef for the next one.  Research involved taking into account the demograph of the area and what people may be interested in.  This was tough because said demograph is extremely varied.  Coming up with menu items that are not only appealing to the masses, but generally a bit different to what is already on offer locally was the aim.

Without giving away anything exactly, a few menu items include stuff like a B&E with cheddar and aioli, apple and almond bircher muesli served my way and a made to order brekky frittata (be careful, it's hot).  Also, delicious pastries by Brasserie Bread will be delivered fresh every morning.  For lunch there is a beef chili con carne which I mentioned on facebook.  The vegetarians came back to that saying they demand a vegetarian option, so I made one of those as well.  Vegetarian mixed bean chili con carne with avo, guac and corn chips.  My personal favourite on the lunch menu will be the pulled pork on brioche roll.

Last week the Synesso arrived and was installed first go!  This is unusual in most cases.  However, if you're organised unlike most people in hospitality, you'll be fine.  My best tip for would be coffee shop owners is to get your tradies (sparky and plumber) to talk directly to the guys doing the actual install.  Otherwise there will be 2 middle men passing on the information before it gets to each of these guys.  Next thing you know, your machine arrives and you don't have a power outlet with enough amps or you don't have water at all running to your machine.  All of these are true stories that happened to friends or friends.


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