Tuesday, January 14, 2014

First Week Down

What a great first week!  Thank you to everyone who made it to the shop since the opening.  I managed to pull together a great team and the customers are loving the place as a result.  Ali and I are getting great feedback about the coffees and Chef Lewis is doing an amazing job in the kitchen.  The feedback about our menu is more than I could have ever asked for.  Our wonderful floor team Tanya, Myles, Nick and Jon are doing a great job too and everyone is really enjoying themselves.  So it's success all around! Thanks guys!

The amount of interest from all of the locals is phenomenal and I appreciate your patronage.  It is keeping us very motivated to keep adding to the experience for you.  We have filter coffees next on the agenda which is really exciting.  Suggestions on your favourite filter types are welcome! We think the areopress is superior and I'd also love to add in a cold drip before the summer is out.  Anyone got a good recipe for jelly macs?

Also a quick note that we are currently looking for a weekend chef to run the kitchen so Lewis can relax a little.  The successful candidate needs to have experience as a commercial cook for breakfast and lunch menus.  They need to be confident in running a kitchen on their own with the help of an assistant.  If you can cook fast, soft poach an egg and like to keep your kitchen super clean, I want to hear from you.  Shoot me an email on danniesheriff@gmail.com.

See you all this week hopefully.  The single origin tomorrow is the last day of Yirgacheffe Zero before we crack open a couple of kilos of Veer Attikan, a delicious Indian origin bean.

Cheers very much!

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