Sunday, March 9, 2014

The perks of owning your own business, coffee supply updates & secret menu.

The Perks
Man, this is awesome.  Being my own boss.  No one can tell me what to do.  People listen to what I say.  I come to work, do my own thang and go home at the end of the day with no one to tell me that  I can't.</myth>  Actually this is really hard work.  Don't get me wrong I always knew it would be.  I'm feeling the pressure and there is the potential that this shop will one day cause me some kind of Vietnam flashback episode.  "Hang in there" my sister says.  "You'll be ok, you'll get through this" Jonathon says.  "You're alright" my dad says.  THANKS GUYS I NEVER THOUGHT OF IT THAT WAY.

Anyway, briefly I would like to just clear up my once off closure at midday today.  For personal reasons, I had to close the shop early.  There is no one to cover me and thats ok, it's not a big deal.  Since I don't get a day off, every now and then life may get in the way and I am unable to open the shop until 3.30pm.  Other members of the team are not on call and it's just how it has to happen for the start up of SBP.  Being able to do this is one benefit of being a small business open in a small community where people will forgive these little slip ups.  I am sorry, I will try to avoid it, but that's life!

Coffee Update
Ok, onto cool coffee stuff.  As many of you know, SBP serves coffee roasted by Five Senses.  They are amazing.  Everything they produce is delicious and our single region/origin coffee options have been walking out the door.  Specialty coffee sales have increased a lot in the last fortnight and that is really exciting to see.  I'm hitting goals and ahead of schedule!  People have been responding so enthusiastically about coming into the same shop and trying a different coffee each time, that we have been expanding our options from various beans from one roaster, to various beans from various roasters.  First we did some guest espressos by White Horse Coffee, and next week we will be serving up a blend by Single Origin Roasters in Surry Hills.  We will run a few kilos of Reservoir Blend this coming weekend.  I hope you guys will enjoy it!

Secret Menu
Of late I've been really enjoying making some Iced Teas using our awesome Earl Grey Blueflower from Tea Craft.  It isn't on the menu and won't appear as a special any time soon.  But we do have a 'secret menu'.  So if you've read this post and want to try the Iced Earl Grey, just let your wait staff know.  We will hook you up!

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