Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The menu change is coming....

Change can be both good and bad.  We will miss the things that we enjoyed that must change. We will welcome the loss of things that were a pain in the ass. Mostly, we will welcome something different with open arms.  Many of you reading this blog post are already regulars of my baby panthers little coffee cave.  It is because of you, that I am most motivated to update and 'spruce' up the joint.  Right now I am of course referring to a change in menu.  My plan from the start has been to update the menu quarterly.  I wasn't going to make the first change however until I was satisfied with the number of people that have walked through the doors and already tried what is on offer.  Some how, I feel the time has already come. I see so many of you so much, and you've all exhausted the menu.

The change will not occur for another fortnight providing that Lewis and I are satisfied with what we are going to serve up to you in the Golden Books Menu 2.0.

What can you expect? Here are a few sneak peaks.  The addition of smashed pumpkin and goats cheese on toast. The Peruvian Sandwich will make a full time appearance (shock!), winter warmers will make an entrance (soup served inside hollowed out bread rolls) and the eggs benedict will be getting a make over.  Also, granola fans, keep an eye out for our new toppings, we are thinking poached pears...

Keep you in the loop.


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