Thursday, June 5, 2014

It's a good day to sit and do nothing.

The café has been quiet lately.  So here is a blog post about nothing in particular but a few slight updates because I have time again today.

Update #1 - The food/coffee bloggers didn't actually read my blog it turns out.

Update #2 - Kelsey has joined the team as our new baby barista.  Come in, try her coffee, give her your feedback.  It should taste exactly like mine, which I think is good.  If you've been in at all this week that means you have met her.  She has been filling in whilst that lazy good for nothing Emma is on holidays in Singapore with her family in some 5 story McMansion whilst we slum it here in Morto. Ems will be back on Tuesday I think which everyone looks forward too.  It has been nice not having all the boys lingering around with their jaws on the floor.  Kelsey being around hasn't really resolved that issue all that much either but what can ya do.  Gone are the days of male baristas with their long beards and terrible outfits (no offence to all my friends who match that description).  Lovely ladies only here!

Update #3 - The queen is having a birthday and we are going to the party.  This means that on Monday, we won't be open.  Sorry ya'll!  Feel free to come and hang on Saturday and Sunday though.

Update #4 - My 7 days a week work is coming to an end.  I see it in the horizon.  The team is forming and all is looking good.  Emma, Kels and Lewis can captain the ship.  The thought makes me smile.  Not that I would have ANYTHING to do with a day off.  Walk my dog? Do my washing?  match up my socks?  See my family?  Call Jonathon every time I see a French bulldog and tell him about the dog that I saw walking down the street?  See non-work related friends?  Go shopping?  Have a bath?  Wash my hair and let the sun dry it?  Get in to bike riding (wait no that is too expensive)?  The reality is that I will just sleep in, put MTV on and dance around the house in my underwear pretending to be Iggy Azalea.  Then go a drink coffee in someone elses cafe.  That's the good life.

Update #5 - Someone come and buy my shop off me for a million dollars please? I'm tired.  I promise its worth it.  I don't know what the capital gains are but it can be whatever you want it to be.

Update #6 - I did get my eye brows waxed finally.

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