Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy EOFYS! Here Is A Tangent To Celebrate.

When I was like, 8, my Mum enrolled me in dance classes.  From day one, my eyes were on the concert at the end of the year.  I had heard about these concerts from other girls, and I knew what they meant.  Make-up, hair, glitter and most importantly, costumes.  To learn that rehearsals didn't begin on day one of my enrolment was a blow, but I knew it would come.  So I kept going. Finally the time had come.  The end of year dance recital was announced and we began rehearsals. Yes...YES!  I'm going to be a beautiful princess ballerina.  No, a beautiful fairy princess ballerina!  With a shiny, sparkly pink tutu.  It's going to be the greatest day in my 8 years of life.  We were told that the costumes were arriving next week.  We were to come to class that afternoon and pay for our costumes before class commenced.  Now I can only assume my mother was the ONLY one who worked or something, because we arrived last, as per usual.  We arrived to find that the costumes for the performance were all slightly different but along the same theme.  You know, like the way people dress their bridesmaids who all have different body shapes or something.   I saw the one I wanted.  It was just like I had imagined.  Man I was going to be the best princess fairy ballerina EVER! "YAYAYAYAY MUMMY THERE IT IS!!!!" "Sorry Dani, Cru-Ela De-Ville already bought that one." Quickly it was pointed out that there was in fact only one option left.

A yellow, lycra pant suit.
Needless to say a tantrum was had.  Mum could yell at me all she wanted.  I was NOT wearing that. I quit dancing then and there.  I've never had a dance concert and to be really honest, I would give anything still to be able to wear a pink tutu and do a shitty dance recital for my friends and family.  I don't care that I can't actually dance, because I would look fantastic.  Writing this post has actually made me feel sadness for what I missed out on.
Makes you think about all the things you started but didn't see through.  Where might you be now if you had kept going to Zumba?  If you stuck to that paleo diet you would probably be the best goddamn Crossfit athlete that walked the planet.  If you didn't drop out of that law degree you might be pulling some of the biggest cases of all time.  Hmm...yes makes you think.  Then you remembered that the whole thing didn't go EXACTLY the way you wanted then and there so you gave up.  We gravitate to what we can do.  I like to think about all the things I tried and then gave up on for shitty reasons. Eventually you do find at least one thing, and put in the time to because awesome at it.

I remember the first time Liesel (my previous boss) let me send out a coffee that I had poured to a paying customer.  It was a glossy enough flat white, although it was still too frothy.  I'm sure it was way too hot and the love heart looked more like a vagina:
(vagina latte art credit: Kesley)
It was a proud day indeed. Man that was only two years ago.  Look at me now!  My own coffee shop with a small legion of followers and a little team of baristas, floor staff and chefs. Its been 7 months and it hasn't closed down yet! Life is heavy on the shoulders, but worth it in the end.

Here is to sticking to what you're good at! Happy EOFY!

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