Saturday, November 29, 2014

Preparing for the New Year!

December is about to start.  In January SBP will have been pumping out the coffees and incredible amounts of avocado for a year now.  How crazy is that?  I was so scared of what I was getting myself into.  The amount of work involved in owning your own 7 day a week business as a solo project is hard to comprehend.  Perhaps that is why people do it in the first place?  Luckily it was sooooo busy that I barely had time to watch the calendar and its already a year in.  I didn't close down! Yiew!

This is my year in review post.  As the months ticked on, very little patterns actually showed themselves.  What I do know is that cafes are very busy on mothers and fathers days.  Cafes are very quiet during music festivals.  Cafes are full of teachers during school holidays.  People don't eat or drink coffee much between 11am and 12.30pm.  People arrive at the same time and leave all at once.  People will go nuts for carrot cake one day, people won't touch it the next.  People will only eat gluten free food one week of the month and go nuts the rest.  People will only pay with $50 notes one week of the month (pay day) and then people will only pay in 20c coins 3 weeks later. Wow.

Most of the above are interesting facts that I don't have control over.  However a couple of patterns have emerged that have caused me to review the workings of the business, and update appropriately.  To kick start the new year, the new changes will be brought into place as of December 1. This will provide a smooth transition into 2015.  The changes allow me some time off without having to close the shop or hire management (I'm just not ready to leave my baby in the hands of others full time).  I'm very excited about this because the changes will allow my café to be more profitable in the long term due to a decrease in overheads paired with a steady income.  Basically, the changes will not affect the majority of customers but they will positively affect SBP. Oh, and I will get some time off.  This7 days a week thing is crazy stuff.

I wish to announce the new opening hours of Short Black Panther as of December 1 2014.
Monday - Friday
6.30am - 3pm
7am - 3pm
7am - 12pm

Wooh Sunday afternoon off!

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