Sunday, August 24, 2014

The live music, the catering and the new menu!

I have lots of exciting topics to talk about, 41 minutes left on my laptop and no idea where the charger is.  Lets go.

Last week we had our first live music performance during service.  The shop was packed out, but everything went smoothly (except for the burrito that landed on my chest as a result of slipping on the wet floor thanks to the rain).  Vanessa was great and provided a fantastic atmosphere for the shop.  I'm really excited to do it again.  For anyone else interested in performing in our space, send me an email at and we can tee up an opportunity.

I've had a few enquiries now about pre-ordering whole cakes and cake slabs for functions and events.  People seem keen to take them into their office morning teas, bridal showers, baby showers or just afternoon tea with the extended family.  Its so great to be an option and we really appreciate that you guys think of us when you think of what you would like to serve to your friends and family.  We are accepting orders for cakes that you have seen in shop before.  24 to 48 hours notice is fine, and the price is depending on size.  If you have any enquiries about this, contact me by email or phone on 0466870890.  We are more than happy to whip something up for your guests so don't be shy!

With this is mind I have begun to develop a catering catalog as well that includes a full menu. Let me know what you would like to see.  Any feedback to help the menu be perfect is ideal!

Aaaaand I'm out of bat....


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