Sunday, February 1, 2015

Online shop, website and branding!

After a year of trading, SBP has certainly built a name for itself.  Not only in having great coffee, but having great food, cakes, condiments and a bit of event catering thrown in the mix too.  I am so proud of what my team and I have managed to achieve over the 12 month period.  I've spent so much time thinking of ideas and concepts to evolve the business and build it into what I dream of one day.  It is not enough these days to just open a coffee shop, build a name and stand still.  You see it all the time, small businesses growing and expanding.  Opening second shops and then another and another.  It's great and also so encouraging for me to watch others do it!

Now is the time to bring my next ideas to life.  In coming weeks (like, really really soon) our new website will launch.  It will be a basic website, beautifully designed by Vanessa Parade, the designer behind my amazing business cards and new branding which will be launched along side the new website. On it will be the basic info about the shop, our short story, a link to the menu, location, this blog, pretty pictures of the cafe and....drumroll....our online shop!  I am really crazy over the top can't sleep excited about the online shop.  Its a basic idea that is going to be a lot of fun for me.

The SBP online shop will be an outlet for my amazing customers to easily pre-order and pick up OR have personally delivered, our made-with-love products!  An online cake shop for small to large orders is an idea I have had for a while.  All of our cake range will be available for pre-order with only 1 days notice required at a minimum.  Your orders can be collected on site from the cafe, or for a flat rate of $10 to anywhere in Sydney I'll deliver it to you.  This is a really exciting concept for the business and I can't wait to launch.

Apart from made to order delicious cakes, our homemade jams, chutneys and relishes will be available in a range of sizes too!  We will be offering custom made hampers that can include cakes, our special cake mixes in jars, our condiments, packets of our coffee beans and milkshake flavours!

Did I mention reasonable pricing?

Your ideas and feedback on the concept will be greatly appreciated guys so please get in touch.


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