Sunday, February 22, 2015

Throwing lattes at the wall, SBP online shop and new menu.

Since I re-opened the doors of this café after Christmas, the fact that the 1 year mark had ticked over was entirely apparent.  SBP is officially an established business.  Now the only thing that can happen is it can become more established.  Yay!  The need to keep the momentum going is a fun yet challenging project.  Any feedback and ideas are very welcome.

Days that were once upon a time considered busy in the café are now considered the quiet days.  My motivation to expand and work on new ideas is peaking because the café has gotten past the hard part of establishing a name for itself.  Now I truly feel I can dedicate myself to new projects.  New projects ARE hard though.  Maybe the fact that I slept through my alarm this morning and that I threw two take away lattes at the wall on the weekend says I'm not there mentally just yet.  I personally don't think it's a problem but those around me might have another opinion.  You've got to be slightly crazy to do this shit on your own though so I know I'm there.

I launched my new online shop a week ago.  I launched it quietly because I'm really excited to get the ball rolling but the whole website isn't quiet ready.  The online shop is open now and ready to sell!  To recap, basically it is an online avenue for people to order cakes small and large at reasonable pricing ($35-$50) for their events.  Birthdays, visiting grandma, big and small parties, gifts for people, the list goes on!  Check it out and keep it in mind next time the cake you made falls on the floor and you need an emergency fix or something.

Now the preparations for the new menu have begun!  Since opening we have changed the menu seasonally and it's time to add some new fun items in time for the weather warming up.  I'm not going to give away the new dishes just yet but some sneaky hints are kangaroo, chocolate, Turkish bread, soup, tasting plates and of course never fear, your favourite dishes will remain!


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  1. Wow! Congratulations on the success of your business and also for your newly launched online shop, Dani. I hope you can share with us the link of your online shop so we can check it out. I absolutely want to see the cakes that you have in store. Thanks for sharing, and keep it up!

    Judith Shaw @ Rocket Boost Media