Sunday, July 20, 2014

Project 1, 2 and 3

[EDIT] this post has been updated for clarity- my mum said I sounded like a whiny brat before. 

I'd like to talk a little about my biggest project, the early mornings.

I open my shop at 6am on the dot every week day.  I really want to be an early morning destination for those who, like me, start work early!  A huge population of the area are early starters, and I guess I was hoping that first thing in the morning would be one of my shops most popular times.  My dream is to one day, a long way down the track, have a busy early morning café that is open 7 days, but closes at midday, serving only the morning people on the way to start their day.  Rather than closing for one whole day, ya know? That can't really happen for SBP though as we seem to be a brunch destination and I wouldn't change a thing about this shop.  It's perfect the way it is!  Yeah I know I know, I'm not on the main street, I'm not DIRECTLY on the way to the train and bus stop (although I'm about 50metres to the right of it), and no one can tell that I'm here because I don't really have a sign.  That is all part of the magic guys! Do I really need to have a big ass sign with a flashing open light like YY Massage does across the road? Do I really need a tacky banner that says "Best Coffee in Mortdale!"?  I'd rather just wait a little longer for my reputation to bring people in.  It is taking a little longer than I thought it might but word of mouth has worked extremely well for me in the past.  I went into this pretty confident about early mornings being pretty busy, but I've learnt along the way that people just don't always do exactly what you reckon they are gonna do.  I'm going to stick to my guns anyway and even if I still only serve about 15 people before 8am after 1 year, I'll still be here, pushing! Any advice on how to improve this is welcome.

My next project is...A Call For All Artists.  My shop has a big, blank, empty wall that needs some love and attention.  Come in, have a look at it and chat to me about it.  I'd be happy to give the wall to the right person!

My third project  Numerous people have suggested letting people play music in my shop. It would be awesome.  It is big enough, and the acoustics are great.  If anyone is interested in playing during the day on a weekend, hit me up at We might be able to start a project for young artists out of it!


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