Sunday, June 7, 2015

Resigning a lease is as scary as the first time.

I wish I could tell you specifically what is next for SBP and its coffee and culinary crew.  I've got a problem you see.  The world is my oyster (within reason) and I can't pick a road to go down.  I've never been stuck at a fork in the road like this.  The path has always been clear for me until now.  I want to keep growing and developing professionally along with my business.  I am so passionate about having a great cafe.  I've poured my heart and soul into this.

The time is approaching to re-sign the lease for my little 48sqm shop in Mortdale.  Resigning will be a longer commitment than the first time I signed it.  I cannot believe how quickly the 2 years have gone.  The good news is that SBP survived it!  It thrived in fact even with lots of ups and downs.  Business is behaving differently every quarter which is normal for any industry.  Though, staying mentally tough, being patient in quiet times, keeping cool in busy times and remaining focused when faced with not so great results some days/weeks/months/quarters is very........challenging.  Not to mention trying to maintain traces of a social life and keep up with your hobbies all at the same time.  Life is absolute madness.  I wouldn't change it for the world.

Or would I?  would I...move the shop to somewhere with more passing traffic?  A more central location?  SBPs biggest downfall is that it is based in a quiet street with little passing traffic or convenience in location.  That is also part of its charm though.

Would a second shop?  Something smaller somewhere that I could easily maintain.  It certainly would let me have a go at some of those others ideas I have that wouldn't work at SBP right now.

Maybe I would update SBPs trading strategy.  Maybe we need to be open at night time?  That could be fun.  Someone else would have to work the night time shift though.  I ain't doin that.

Maybe I want to get some of the best chefs I know on board and create pop up degustation brunches across Sydney.

Maybe I need a break.  Maybe I need to see more of the world.  It's been two years straight of 6-7 working days a week.  I really miss Paris and I'd like to go back.  I'm finally old enough to drink in the states too, so that would be good.  I've even found passion in other industries that I would like to try a hand at eventually.

Maybe SBP is fine as it is.  Maybe I'll run it until it is time for me to step away in a few more years. Perhaps at that point some other person with a lot of love to give comes along and wants to care for the place.

It is a hard thing.  You don't know anything about the future in business.  I feel like there is more to give in SBP.  I can always re-energise the place whenever I start to feel flat.  There are still so many locals yet to find the cafe and experience it.

I'm really keen to hear some feedback on how we can improve the shop.  Little suggestions and even big crazy ideas!  Maybe you think we need an SBP in every suburb?  Maybe we need puppychinos?  Maybe I need to change the colour of the shop from green to red!  Shoot me an email or comment below. 


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